The Guilt Of Startup Life

The Guilt Of Startup Life

Startup life is hard. It requires sacrifice, perseverance, and focus. Sometimes, the sacrifice can go too far.

I’ve been working on my own startup for the past 16 months, and I won’t lie, it’s tough.

And as our startups continue to demand more and more of our focus, time and energy, it’s only natural that other things begin to suffer.

Sadly, your health and relationships are heading that list.

As I put my 3 year old daughter to bed tonight, just as I was leaving her room she asked to whisper something to me.

“Daddy, would you mind if in the morning you don’t do any work and we just play.”

Startups can easily consume our lives, I’m often on my laptop from the moment I wake to the moment I go to bed.

15 hour days can become commonplace.

I can spend the weekend colouring-in with one hand, and emailing on my phone with the other.

But it’s moments like these where we have to take a step back and remember why we’re building startups in the first place.

We become so passionate and driven to see our startups succeed, to deliver for our customers, that we can sometimes neglect what’s most important in life.

There’s a balance to be struck, and when it’s family time, it deserves the same level of focus we give our startups.

I for one won’t be starting work early tomorrow, I’ll be busy colouring-in with both hands.